Unreasonable – beyond the limits of acceptability or fairness.

Perseverance – persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Meet Joachim Adenusi, a long-standing friend of Sozo who resides in the UK, and last week completed a three-year journey goal of cycling 500 miles, totalling over 100 hours on his bike which even included a bus hitting him – all to raise money for the Sozo Foundation’s Youth Coffee Barista skills programme.

The expedition was not as smooth as the plan when in South Africa he was hit by a bus and had to be rushed to the nearest hospital by ambulance. He, fortunately, got away with minor scrapes but the worst part for Joachim is that he was not able to complete that specific part of the cycling. Undeterred, Joachim persevered. Then the pandemic hit in early 2020 causing him to abandon hopes of reaching the 5th continent. The whole adventure stretched almost 50,000 miles of flights, costing more than double what he set out to raise and many countless hours of planning and organising.

Many of us may be questioning why, was it just to raise some funds for a great cause, or is there more to the seeming madness of what Joachim took on?

We believe that the story is far more valuable than money and that it is a message of unreasonable perseverance. Joachim wanted to let our young people know that there are people out there in the world who will not give up on them. They are worth not giving up on and as a role model of unreasonable perseverance, Joachim is now that living example. When you set your heart on a goal when you choose the pursuit of purpose – which almost always will have something of worth for someone other than yourself, there is nothing, not even crazy bus drivers, cancelled flights or global pandemics that can stop you from achieving your goal.

This charitable fundraising campaign has become a true-life story of hope and inspiration for us all, especially the young people living in the Vrygrond Township community where the Sozo Foundation skills centre is based in Cape Town South Africa.

Sozo is already working on Joachim’s story becoming a case study for our Life-skills curriculum and will now be written into a key teaching lesson on unreasonable perseverance which all our students attend every year. Clearly, pursuing purpose has a far greater reward than pursuing profit.

Help us to continue to tell our young people of unreasonable perseverance – don’t give up, and you too can achieve your goals in life. 

Joachim has done his part, so now we in invite you to stand in solidarity with our young people by pledging a gift which speaks louder than words.