The Sozo Foundation has recently merged with The Healing Heart Foudnation to strengthen and extend our life skills training and girls empowerment programme.

As a result of our collaborative COVID-19 emergency response, thousands of families saw significant food relief. Due to what has been dubbed a tumultuous time, we were forced to pause and reflect on our respective journeys, and carve out a joint future that ensures both our survival. Thanks to our well-established relationship, the idea of merging their programmes seemed like a natural move to fulfil our common vision of empowering young people.

The merger has made it possible to reach more schools and learners, while running a more efficient and cost-effective entity. There is a lot of excitement for future prospects and the involvement of new and old partnerships.

“There has been a beautiful relationship between us and The Healing Heart Foundation – which goes back many years. At the end of the day, our work is all about building and sustaining meaningful relationships”. – Anton Cuyler, CEO of The Sozo Foundation.