Learning Journey on Mental Health

Yesterday was #WorldHealthDay globally, and our Educentre team, represented by Isabelle, our social worker, Aurelie and Thandi, our Educentre coordinators, were privileged to attend our partner EMpower’s facilitated learning journey on adolescent mental health programming in South Africa.

Isabelle presented to the group about disclosure and containment in referrals, as well as mindfulness tools and techniques for self-regulation.

Our team enjoyed networking and learning from other organisations, Adonis Musati, Fight with Insight, School of Hard Knocks, Mamelani, Khululeka,The Mudita Foundation, United through Sport, Brave, Children’s Radio Foundation and Earth Child Project.

EMpower shared some of the top priorities that young people and programme leaders identified during the conference, which we at Sozo integrate into our work:

1. Young people should have a relationship with at least one consistent and caring adult, someone they can trust and turn to when they are struggling.

2. It’s critical that approaches, programme components, and curricula are based on the needs that young people themselves have identified.

3. Youth need positive role models and facilitators who are from their own communities.

Thank you EMpower for your work to enhance adolescent mental health in South Africa and worldwide.