2022 Holiday Programme: Leading a Purpose Driven Life

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” Paulo Coelho

In early April, we hosted our first 2022 holiday programme for our EduCentre learners. The programme was focused on ‘Leading a Purpose Driven Life’. We all enjoyed the time with fun activities, some fresh air, interactive workshops on self-care strategies, identity, realising your potential and emotional awareness. Thanks to our amazing speakers from Hope House Counselling, Dream Factory Foundation, NACOSA and our psychosocial team. We couldn’t do it without you!

The holiday programme was based on direct feedback from our psychosocial department focusing on the key areas beneficiaries needed extra support. We, therefore, geared our programme towards speaking into those areas that would strengthen our learners to lead a purpose-driven life. With that said we touched on self-care strategies, identity, realising your potential and emotional awareness topics. Leading with purpose seeps into all areas of influence: home, school and community environments.

It was incredible to see the energy that our Sozonites hold within them that shone so bright during our 5-day programme. On our last day, we hosted a fun day filled with interesting activities, lots of dancing, war cries and healthy competitiveness. It is a joy to see our Sozonites take some time off to relax, have fun and spend time together outside of academics.