Finishing the Year Well

We all know the difference that makes the difference in the 100m sprint is the ability to get off to a good start. Those who come out of the blocks best have the best chance of success. But as Mr Bolt has proven over the years, finishing well is clearly as important and makes a huge difference in the end.

After a year of global uncertainty, constant change and heaps of unknowns, we took some time out at the end of this year to ensure we finish well. We value people and we realise now more than ever that our human capital is, and will always be, our most important asset. So, if we want any chance of a successful 2022, we need to make sure that we finish 2021 well.

As a tribe we took the last week of this year to engage with our slowdown theme: Rest-Reflect-Refresh.

Day one, our CEO and COO duo Anton and Natasha unpacked the deeper meaning behind REST making it clear that rest does not equal sleep. True REST is much more than just physical rest and involves a number of other crucial wellness elements such as Emotional Rest, Mental Rest, Creative Rest, Sensory Rest amongst others. As actions speak louder than words, our Tribe engaged in practical sessions to apply their newly learned knowledge and let their creative juices flow … the outcome was truly something beautiful.

Day two, we headed for the mountains, because nature has its own powerful way to force rest and peace upon you whether you want it or not! Our partners in development, Errol and Tracy with their team from Siyakhula led us on a deeply reflective waterfall hike allowing our tribe to spend some quite time outdoors whilst reflecting on the year past from a personal and organisational perspective. There is something super special when a group of people can sit in silence removed from the daily huddle and bustle noises and distractions and most importantly no internet connection. Nature has a way of soothing the mind body and soul.

Day three, we took time to activate appreciation for one another as McDonald led us into a deep soul space to consider the “bigger than us” purpose of the WHY we do what we do. As a special surprise we had the huge privilege to have guest speaker Roy Clark, founder of Clarkhouse Human Capital and blue chip keynote speaker come speak to us about the global digital transformation and how we as individuals and organisations are required to become extremely agile and adaptive to respond to an ever changing environment, whilst also navigating key themes such as fear and possibility in the face of crisis and volatility.

Day four, was pack up clear up clean up before we escaped to the Caribbean on day five as we celebrated the end of the year with a true Sozo tribe “jol” ( local slang for a party ) at Cape to Cuba on Kalk Bay. Apart from the sun, fun, food and laughter, the highlight of the day was having our Board Chairperson Fanus and his wife Jeanette showing of some old school “langarm” (local slang for dancing) on the sand as a reminder that this truly is and will always be a YOUTH development organisation!

As a Tribe we thank each one of our partners, donors and friends in development for your support this year in enabling us to have another hugely impactful year and especially being our milestone 10th year!

We wish each one of you and your families a safe healthy and truly blessed Christmas festive season and may the new year be filled with much hope joy and love!

See you in 2022!

Anton Cuyler
CEO – The Sozo Foundation