For the average middle class South African, a first trip into the heart of Vrygrond is an assault on the senses. A rubbish dump welcomes you as you enter, litter is strewn all over the dusty roads, small tin shacks fit haphazardly next to each other, kids play together all over the streets, and stray dogs narrowly miss taxi’s as they hoot on their way down the roads. This is where the Sozo Foundation has set up its offices; in 2 containers next to a public library, surrounded by shrieking kids and noisy pollution. Happily located there to serve the people of the community; people living in the thin, dilapidated shacks around them. And in this setting of poverty and neglect, drugs, alcoholism, abuse and gangsterism, are stories of dignity restored and hope found.

Transformation Campaign launch

TAG – Transform A Generation is Sozo Educentre’s monthly giving campaign. It is an easy and exciting way for everyone to get involved in transforming the lives of the young people we work with. Through your involvement you can be a part of the work of the Sozo Foundation, where we are seeing a new generation being given hope and a purpose. Your giving contributes towards the Educentre, our flagship project which provides a safe space for high school learners to be equipped and empowered within their own community so as to achieve their full potential through after-school tutoring and academic assistance. 

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Building Update

Watch our first time lapse footage of what is going on at the building site 

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